Grind Analytics is a certified Microsoft Partner with a track record for developing award-winning technology solutions designed to produce immediate and impactful results, regardless of your industry.


Creating Solutions to Your Most Pressing Business Concerns

Grind Analytics leverages our years of business operations experience to deliver technology solutions designed to produce the highest return on investment.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Our most successful clients leverage their data to make more informed business decisions. 


We provide comprehensive business intelligence solutions. 

  • Microsoft Power BI implementation

  • Microsoft Azure data warehousing

  • Data modeling & optimization

Measure Employee Performance

We empower our clients' employees with robust reporting, scoring, and management services. We connect your systems to overlay data from multiple sources to make more informed decisions.

  • Integration with employee tracking applications

  • Mircosoft Teams optimization

  • Employee scorecards powered by AI


Understand Your Company Health

We help our clients quickly and easily assess the health of their business operations. Our proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning engines power a robust set of scorecards to provide instant feedback.

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Services development

  • Microsoft Power BI development & integration

  • Microsoft SQL Server deployment

Modernize & Optimize Your Technology

We help our clients replace out-dated and obsolete technology with comprehensive solutions that deliver actionable results.

  • Microsoft consulting and implementation

  • Software remediation and modernization

  • Technical consulting and custom development


Custom Development

.NET Development

Software Remediation & Modernization

Data Warehousing & ETL Strategies

Business Intelligence

Cloud Migration

API Development

Technical Consulting

Talent Augmentation

AI & Machine Learning

Platform Consulting

Microsoft 365 & Teams

We help our clients optimize and deploy the Microsoft 365 suite, and enable them to collaborate more effectively through Microsoft Teams.

Salesforce and

We help you get the most out of your Salesforce instance or design a custom-tailored solution on the platform.

Encompass & LOS Platform Consulting

We provide our expertise in working with the Encompass LOS to create new forms, custom plugins, automations, and integrations.

Seamless Partnership with Microsoft


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Our flagship product and data model centralizes data from multiple sources to be viewed and analyzed to provide actionable insights in real-time.


A configurable intranet resource hub that curates actionable insights and puts them in front of your team.

Grind Hub™
Grind Hub™

An operations platform combined with the features of a CRM that enable you to prioritize profit centers and reduce expenses.


Pre-built solutions optimized for rapid deployment to jumpstart your business intelligence.


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