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Microsoft Silver Partnership

What does this mean?

Certification as a Microsoft Silver Partner means that Grind Analytics is in the top 5% of Microsoft Partners worldwide. Attaining the exclusive Silver Partner designation is a rigorous process that requires: 

  • Customer references to verify a high standard of service delivery

  • Microsoft Certified Professionals demonstrating both business and technical competencies

  • Successful completion of a licensing overview assessment, including a skills assessment and performance test

What does this mean to you?

As a Microsoft Silver Partner, Grind Analytics has access to Microsoft resources and priority support services directly from Microsoft. This means we get the latest product training materials, including documentation and training courses, which ensure we are up-to-date on all the latest Microsoft platforms and tools. Additionally, our partnership offers advanced technical support from Microsoft for solutions such as Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure, which helps to ensure your systems and solutions keep running the way they are supposed to.

Why Microsoft?

Microsoft is the preeminent technology leader that makes it easy for technology developers to provide custom solutions for businesses. For starters, the Microsoft platforms integrate well together - right out-of-the-box - so you do not have to worry about whether your Microsoft Office applications will work in Microsoft Teams, for example. Microsoft also makes it easy to connect analytics solutions like Power BI with other industry platforms through hundreds of pre-built connectors. Lastly, the program languages used by Microsoft platforms and applications allow us to program applications in one language and then replicate them across multiple platforms.

The benefits of our Microsoft platform development for you include:

  • Faster development times and reduced fees

  • Single-sign-on across multiple platforms

  • Need to learn one user interface

  • Interoperability across devices and systems

Learn more about our Microsoft services

Web and mobile versions of all your favorite Office apps

Online meetings, chat, and cloud storage, all in one place

Business analytics and data visualization services

Cloud computing services

Build custom solutions using the .NET framework

"Securing the Microsoft Partner designation lets us continue to deliver on our promises, but with even more resources, support and credibility."

- Tim Armbruster, CEO

Microsoft Silver Partner

Grind Analytics is a Certified Microsoft Silver Partner with a data analytics competency.

Microsoft Silver Partner
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