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Build better models and forecasts for your insurance business

Grind's business intelligence solutions can reduce expenses and increase profits through cloud-based data collection and analysis accessible from anywhere on any device.

Health Insurance

Success in the insurance industry is predicated on accurate and comprehensive data modeling. We build custom integrations that can assess millions of pieces of information in real-time using artificial intelligence to give you accurate risk analyses and actionable insights. 

  • AI and machine learning to process large quantities of data

  • Easy-to-understand and use insights and analysis

  • Comprehensive risk assessments

  • Accurate modeling to drive business decisions


Data Warehousing

In the insurance industry, there are often many data sources that must be analyzed to provide competitive pricing, create accurate risk profiles, and operate efficiently. We have developed cloud-based data warehouses to centralize your data sources and integrate them with your individual office platforms to provide real-time insights.

Increase Team Production

Instead of your data being limited to only a few, it's accessible to your entire team, on any device, and in any location. With customizable and interactive dashboards, intuitive operation, and intelligent reports, your team will be able to take actionable insights based on the data that's now at their fingertips.

Claims Analytics

The rate of claims is at the heart of insurance pricing models. Without accurate claims details, the financial results could be disastrous to your insurance business. We have developed insurance claims data models that provide comprehensive reports and dashboards to provide you with actionable insights to run your business more efficiently, profitably, and confidently.

Automated Quotations

Consumers in the insurance industry demand real-time pricing information and the ability to shop online. With solutions from Grind Analytics, you can give your customers what they want, and remain competitive by building custom pricing models that analyze pricing from many data sources.

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