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Grind Analytics Expands Executive C-Suite
COO Appointment Reunites Former ClosingCorp Leadership Team

November 23, 2020

Grind Analytics, a leading provider of data-driven business intelligence and customized data warehousing solutions, today announced that long-time data and financial services leader Brian Benson has joined its executive team as Chief Operations Officer.

Grind Analytics Helps Missing Children Society of Canada

February 20, 2020

Missing Children Society of Canada uses social media to get the word out about missing children. Everything was going well with their social media push notifications until their system went down...

City IT Manager Thinks Outside the Box to Help First Responders

February 14, 2020

The IT manager for the city of Corona connected thousands of the city's devices using Microsoft 365 and Azure so first responders had faster response times, traffic managers had real-time data, and the various departments could communicate more efficiently.

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