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More loans, fewer questions... with LoanForce®

LoanForce goes beyond a typical CRM to not only drive marketing and sales, but also to drive efficiency in your operations, reporting, and more.

Data on a Touch Pad

Mortgage Operations Meets CRM

LoanForce is an operations platform combined with the features of a CRM to drive efficiency throughout your entire mortgage company.


Built on Platform

Custom Applications

Dozens of Integrations

Web & Mobile Design

Automated Reporting Engine

Military-Grade Security


Customizable & Programmable

Built upon the platform as a custom app, LoanForce offers a pre-built solution with all the configurability and flexibility of Salesforce combined with the power to quickly and easily integrate with your loan origination system, marketing platforms, and more.

Robust Reporting & Automations

LoanForce has a robust reporting engine built in that can be customized for a variety of purposes and tailored to meet company, team, and individual preferences. The reports are easy to understand and deliver insights automatically to your team so they can track their own performance, reach new goals, and embrace a data-driven culture.

Mobile & Web Applications

The LoanForce platform is cloud-based, and can run natively on the mobile app as well as web versions. When you're dealing with customers, you have to be available anywhere and at any time, and our platform allows you to do that, all while capturing valuable data to improve user experience, convert more leads, and improve the overall experience above typical CRM platforms. 


LoanForce is designed to provide a comprehensive solution to client lifecycle management. It provides actionable-insights to create better efficiencies and capacity for your production teams by utilizing built-in intelligence engines.


Built-in artificial intelligence engine to drive insights

Security that exceeds industry-standards

Client classification and management portal

Machine learning produces increasingly better models

Custom alerts and benchmarking

Customizable user interface to fit your needs

Standardized data reporting 

Cloud-based file sharing and document management

Web-based client communication portal

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