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Custom Development

Custom technology solutions to optimize your workflows

Grind Analytics creates custom software and integrations designed to meet your specific needs and provide direct value to your business operations.

Custom Development

.NET Development

Software Remediation & Modernization

Data Warehousing & ETL Strategies

Business Intelligence

Cloud Migration

API Development

Technical Consulting

Talent Augmentation

AI, Machine Learning & RPA


.NET Development

We build powerful, scalable, and reliable applications using the power of C# and the .NET framework. We can enhance your existing applications or build a new solution to solve your most critical business problems.

  • Full-stack application development

  • Custom APIs and integrations

  • Web & mobile development


Software Remediation & Modernization

We help our clients rebuild and reimagine their technology by moving from legacy to cloud-based solutions.

  • Reverse engineering to unlock legacy systems

  • Migration assistance from old to new platforms

  • Custom development to empower data integrations 

Data Warehouse

Data Warehousing & ETL Strategies

We bring all of your data together, in one place, and in real-time. ​Instead of having multiple disconnected systems, we have ready-made integrations that will quickly connect your data in a centralized data warehouse.

  • Cloud-based data warehouse 

  • All your systems, one easy-to-use interface

  • Ability to plug into powerful analytics capabilities

Businss Intelligence

Business Intelligence

We connect your data then empower it through robust visualizations and interactive dashboards that help you understand what your data is telling you so that you can make data-driven decisions.

  • Robust visualizations 

  • Interactive dashboards

  • Artificial intelligence & machine learning

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

We help clients migrate their legacy systems into a cloud-based environment that supports data integration and analysis, remote employee efficiency, and software interoperability.

  • Develop a cloud migration strategy

  • Determine best-fit cloud services to meet business goals

  • Optimize cloud capability with custom integrations

API Development

API Development

We build Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that enable communications between multiple products and services. 

  • Improve and simplify user interfaces across platforms

  • Streamline and automate tasks across programs

  • Connect user-facing front ends with backend functionality and data

Technical Consulting

Technical Consulting

We help our clients develop comprehensive hardware and software strategies then execute on them to provide impactful and measurable results.

  • Optimize technology solutions to meet business objectives

  • Efficiently integrate and maximize impact from technological investments

  • Identify new opportunities to increase profits and reduce costs

Talent Augmentation

Technical Talent Augmentation

Our team ​can integrate with your own IT, data, or out-sourced support teams to leverage our experience and deep understanding of business and technology solutions.

  • Empower in-house or outside technology teams

  • Decrease the time from ideation to implementation

  • Get more from your technology with additional integrations, automation, AI/machine learning, and more


Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & RPA

We leverage our experience and ​success record building cutting-edge AI and machine learning algorithms to uncover new insights more quickly and comprehensively than otherwise possible with manual analysis.

  • Artificial Intelligence automates routine tasks

  • Machine learning creates increasingly better models

  • Natural language and Cortana integration

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

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