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Grind Analytics was born inside the mortgage industry and we have many years of experience operating in the financial technology sector. We are uniquely qualified to identify and address the specific challenges faced by loan originators and other mortgage service providers.

"When performance is measured, performance improves."

- Karl Pearson

What can Grind Analytics do for you?

Technology shouldn't drive operations. Operations drive technology. 

We leverage our mortgage pedigree to deliver solutions built for the mortgage industry. 

Access all your data sources in one singular view

Access your data from anywhere on any device

Automated reports built for the mortgage industry

Understand the health of your operations with scorecards

Military-grade security and compliance

Curate insights and display them to your whole team

All Your Data Sources, One View

Your mortgage operations business runs on data, but isolated data spread across multiple platforms is inefficient. Our solutions allow you to connect to and access data from multiple sources, including:

  • Encompass LOS

  • Salesforce CRM

  • Accounting Software


Close More Loans

We empower our mortgage clients to close more loans by providing real-time data and insights to make data-driven decisions. We use Microsoft Azure to build cloud data warehouses at a limitless scale, and Microsoft Power BI, combined with proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning, to curate insights that directly impact your bottom line. 

Reduce Cost to Close

We help our mortgage clients track cost per loan closed in real-time using Microsoft PowerBI and Azure data services. Real-time data means that you have the power to impact the figures, prevent or stop negative trends, and make data-driven decisions.


Through advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, we automate the analysis to enable efficiency and reduce costs across the origination process.


Increase Employee Performance

We help mortgage lenders better understand loan officer performance and how it impacts profitability by combining multiple KPIs across different data sources, ranking loan officers, and showing distribution by volume represented as a single score.

The single score not only provides management with insights but is a powerful motivator for employees.


Understand Your Clients

Grind Analytics allows sales teams to interactively analyze their borrower applications in the industry-leading Power BI platform.


Discover hidden insights and opportunities by visualizing your demographics in a fully interactive dashboard.

Borrower Demographics.png

Machine Learning Improves Efficiency

Brian Leimbach of CIO Advise discusses how Grind Analytics and CIO Advise teamed up to provide machine learning technology to determine whether a loan would close or not.


Explore Our Products

Optimized for the Mortgage Industry

Our flagship product and data model centralizes data from multiple sources to be viewed and analyzed to provide actionable insights in real-time.

Grind Hub™

A configurable intranet resource hub that curates actionable insights and puts them in front of your team.

An operations platform combined with the features of a CRM that enable you to prioritize profit centers and reduce expenses.


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