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Remote Employee Solutions

Better performance, happier employees, and a data-driven Culture

We help our clients create a winning culture by empowering employers and employees alike with clear, quantifiable, and actionable performance metrics.


Create a Winning Culture

Increase efficiency by properly measuring and motivating your own employees.

Employee Analytics

Real-Time Scoreboards

Microsoft Teams Integration

Scale More Efficiently

For most of our clients, employee compensation is their #1 expense. Improving employee performance provides an immediate return on investment.

  • Create a winning culture by measuring performance

  • Empower employees with their own data and analytics

  • Use gamification to boost to keep employees excited and engaged

Understand Remote Employee Productivity

Our solutions connect to common remote employee monitoring solutions and overlay data from multiple sources to present an accurate picture of performance. 

  • Overlay employee data with sales, accounting, HR, and other systems to get a true measure of performance

  • Keep remote employees engaged and informed with real-time scoreboards and scorecards

  • Increase job satisfaction, improve retention, and provide a sense of security 

Productive vs Unproductive Employee Time

Keep Your Employees Informed

Employees perform better when they know how they're doing. Set clear expectations and make employee data available in real-time.

  • Keep score with employee scorecards and dashboards

  • Foster healthy competition through gamification

  • Empower employees to make data-driven decisions

Performance to Quota.png

Solutions for Remote Operations

Don't just work remotely, operate remotely with real-time access to all of your systems and software in the cloud.

  • Cloud migration and software modernization services

  • Cloud-based data warehousing and analytics

  • Share documents and collaborate in real-time with Teams


"You can't introduce technology without building a culture around it."

- Tim Armbruster, CEO, Grind Analytics

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