by Grind Analytics 

Accelerate your data-driven culture

MODM is our game-changing proprietary software that automates the creation and management of your data model.


Get real-time answers to your most complex questions and a 360-degree view of your business. 


Start making more intelligent decisions.  In real time.

Harness our standardized data model to collect and strengthen insights from your entire business.


Leverage Our Industry Experience 

Create a data-driven business faster with MODM's prebuilt datasets and pre-mapped access points to common industry platforms. MODM is built with the knowledge and experience of industry experts, so we know what connections are needed to accelerate business intelligence.

  • 120+ pre-mapped data connections for common industry platforms

  • Industry-specific benchmarks, reports, and analysis 

  • Save an average of 70%-90% compared to building your own data model

  • Be up and running in weeks 

Operate & Grow More Efficiently

MODM delivers insights on the key factors influencing your business, which leads to much faster, and much more reliable, decision making. Our proprietary machine learning technologies provide insights for taking targeted action to produce better efficiencies and lower operational costs.

  • Better manage personnel costs by anticipating staffing levels

  • Determine wasted time and increase team productivity

  • Identify cost centers and reduce expenses

  • Boost profit centers with actionable insights

Build Better Partnerships

Exposing your data provides transparency, and transparency builds trust. MODM inspires more confidence and helps achieve higher client, partner, and investor satisfaction ratings, while allowing you to focus on building relationships rather than manually collecting data and building reports.  

  • Avoid tedious manual data collection with automated reporting

  • Present real-time information customized to your audience

  • Incorporate data into your relationships to build confidence

  • Operate with transparency through comprehensive data projections

Get Unparalleled Support

With MODM, you get dedicated technical and business support from our US-based onshore work teams. Our experts understand both the technical and business applications, and focus on helping you not just learn the product but on implementing it and developing the culture needed to optimize results.

  • Support from experienced industry experts

  • Comprehensive action-oriented adoption program

  • Personalized to your organization

  • Multiple ways to engage



Cloud Data


Hundreds of

Pre-Built Connectors


Scheduling & Extensibility


Visualization Tools



Ad-Hoc Reporting


Industry Templates

Best Practices

Scoring &

Decision Support

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning



Action-Oriented Implementation





Integration Layer

  • Data collection and replication

  • SSIS packages and .NET services

  • Data interception using BizTalk Server

Staging Databases

  • Raw data from integrations