Consumer Lending

Make more intelligent and guided decisions

With real-time data analytics and integrations with other leading software platforms, your consumer lending business will operate more efficiently while minimizing risks.

Consumer Lending Solutions

Real-Time Intelligence

Through cloud-based data and integrations with the most comprehensive credit reporting solutions in the industry, we can provide real-time business intelligence to ensure your consumer lending business is operating with the most current and accurate data available.

Security & Compliance

Instead of your data being limited to only a few, it's accessible to your entire team, on any device, and in any location. With customizable and interactive dashboards, intuitive operation, and intelligent reports, your team will be able to make actionable insights based on the data now at their fingertips.

Automated Processing

With custom integrations and real-time analysis, you can automate the loan approval process. From initial application, to underwriting and approval, Grind Analytics provides the consumer lending industry with tools that increase profits, decrease operating costs, and do so more efficiently.

Higher Confidence with Analytics

When it comes to consumer lending, risk analysis and predictive modeling are the most important and challenging aspects of the industry. Our AI and machine learning solutions provide more accurate and comprehensive analytics to drive operations effectively and efficiently.

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