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Data Scoring

Analyze the health of your business operations in a single score

Grind Analytics deploys our proprietary artificial intelligence and machine-learning technologies to transform your data into a single, easy-to-understand score to make insights actionable.

Simplified Data Reporting = Action

Our technology solutions are able to compile and standardize dozens of KPIs in real-time to produce a single numerical score and provide instant insights.


Company Health Scores

Department-Level Scoring

AI & Machine Learning

Compare Historical Values

Real-Time Analysis

Informed Decision-Making


Dozens of KPIs, presented in one solution

We collect industry-specific data points and key performance indicators for your business operations and present the results in a single easy-to-understand score that provides instant insights and empowers decision-making.

Automated Data Collection & Analysis

Our scoring solutions automate data analysis through proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning engines that analyze thousands of data-points in real-time to provide automatic insights.


Key automation features include:

  • Real-time, standardized reporting

  • Automated analysis and insights

  • Time-saving data collection and processing

  • Actionable insights to drive operations

Understand & Compare Various Scores

Scoring provides a single comprehensive solution to understanding the health of operations. In one view, business can quickly and easily understand their performance, and compare current performance versus past benchmarks. 

Benefits of a single score include:

  • Comparison between past, present, and projected operations

  • An industry benchmark to compare different companies' performance

  • Easily-understood metrics to guide operations

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