Providing award-winning, customized solutions for professional services providers.

You have 12 disconnected systems you're using to run your mortgage business and can't get the data you need when you need it. You have sales and operations running in branches spread across the country, each using different procedures and tools. It's costing you more and more time and money to process a mortgage.

Born inside a mortgage company, Grind Analytics understands how continuing to function this way will only become more costly. We'll provide a custom solution by leveraging our successful track record of innovating and building award-winning products for the mortgage and other industries.

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About Grind Analytics

Grind Analytics provides professional services for business intelligence and the development of centralized data warehouses for many industries, including mortgage, consumer lending, home insurance, and health insurance. 

"Our visionary board of investors and advisors is comprised of top industry professionals with backgrounds in digital experience and analytics."

- Grind Analytics

What makes Grind Analytics unique?

Timothy Armbruster
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Meet Our CEO

Tim is a FinTech executive with over 20 years of experience in mortgage, finance, ​and insurance technologies. He and his team have a proven track record of building successful SaaS-based companies from startup. 

Tim's experience includes:

  • CLOSINGCORP - CTO, SVP Product & Strategy

    • From startup, built market-leading and award-winning SaaS Data Products​

    • Envisioned, launched, and managed 5 product lines and 2000+ clients

    • Broad role including inside sales, operations, technology, products and data

    • Published industry thought leader and regular speaker

  • WOODFINN - CTO, SVP Product & Strategy

    • SaaS appraisal management software using technology​

    • GM role with operations and profit & loss responsibility

  • CLOUDVIRGA - Chief Customer Officer

    • SaaS-based​ mortgage point-of-sale startup

    • Developed business functions to augment a primarily development organization

    • Responsible for contract management onboarding/training, relationship management, professional services, customer support, vendor management, and billing

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