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Video Series:

Tech Challenges in the New Normal

Brian Leimbach, CEO of CIO Advise

Grind Analytics has worked closely with Brian Leimbach and his team at CIO Advise providing solutions to complex data, reverse engineering, and software development projects.

As a former CIO, Brian has an intimate understanding of what it takes to maximize the capabilities that software can provide, and his insights on the current landscape are spot on. The topic of the discussion was technology challenges facing businesses in the "new normal." We may have gone a little off-topic at times, but the content is still applicable. 


The discussion is broken down into a series of short videos covering the following topics:

Tech Challenges in the New Normal

The "new normal" has reinforced the need for data, the need for remote systems, and the move to a cloud environment.

The New Normal

Updating Tech with PPP Money

Many businesses don't know that up to 40% of the second round of PPP money can be used to modernize and upgrade systems, including migrating to cloud solutions.

PPP Money

Benefits of Platform Proliferation

The proliferation of platforms-as-a-service is an enticing alternative to custom development that offers the ability to quickly make changes without hiring developers. 

Platform Proliferation

The Value of a Technology Partner

The "new normal" has forced companies to make rapid changes to their technology. A technology partner brings a "been there done that" factor and can leverage experience and resources to implement solutions quickly.

Technology Partner

The Role of the Tech Translator

Business managers talk business, while your tech team talks tech. How do you communicate with each other? When making rapid technology changes in the new normal, your business team and technology team need to be speaking the same language.

Tech Translator

The Value of Machine Learning

Machine learning allows you to take disparate data from multiple sources, bring it together, and then make sense out of it. This technology can automate the time-intensive process of manually collecting and analyzing data, which increases efficiency and helps run lean.

Machine Learning

The One Thing...

The "one thing" businesses need to look at first is their business process as a whole. What are the digital touchpoints? Where is the data and how do we access it?

When making technology upgrades to adjust for changing conditions, keep this one thing in mind.

The One Thing

Cloud Migration

When the pandemic first hit, employees went to work on Friday and didn't come back on Monday. The need for cloud-based solutions with anywhere-access was obvious.


Companies that had servers in their building struggled while businesses who made the move from data closets to data clouds outperformed their competition.

Cloud Migration

The Modern CIO

The CIO is at the forefront of the technology challenges facing businesses in the new normal. The modern CIO needs to understand the business inside and out while also having a deep understanding of the cloud, cybersecurity, business intelligence, and data analytics.

The Modern CIO
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