Our Fast Forward program is a well-structured 30-Day Quick Start program designed to get your organization from implementation to optimization quickly and effectively. Our team will walk step-by-step with you through every stage of the process.

  • Crisp rollout, training, and program communications

  • Focused interaction with your team to create action-oriented ownership and accountability

  • Continues through day 90 for maximum impact

Fast Forward your business 

intelligence with Grind™

One of the biggest challenges to making data work for you is not the technology, but your teams' adoption.

Our Fast Forward program takes care of this.


Start faster, start better

You've decided to implement business intelligence solutions, and have committed considerable resources in doing so. Get more out of your new systems faster and more effectively with our side-by-side guide to implementation and optimization.

Highly interactive and informative

Our Fast Forward program is transparent and highly interactive. We'll show your team how to use your solutions by taking them through your actual implementations. This is not just generic training on how to use the software, this is fully customized and personal to get the best results, quickly. 


The intent of data analytics is not to have more data, but to have greater insights. We will show you how to find the metrics and results that will have the greatest impact on your bottom line.

Additional customization at roll-out

When you use our Fast Forward program, you have the opportunity to learn how to customize your individual experience and features built into your solutions. Be ready to get exactly what you need when your new systems are rolled out so that you can take immediate action.



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In days

  • 100% Transparency

  • Highly Collaborative Program Development

  • Tightly Managed Tasking

  • Real-Time Project Updates and Statuses


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