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Microsoft Teams Consulting

Collaborate in real-time with Microsoft Teams

We are experts in the deployment and optimization of the Microsoft Teams platform.


Empower Collaboration

Microsoft Teams is more than just an online chat and video conferencing platform. Teams integrates with other Microsoft and Third-Party Platforms to empower your team to not only collaborate but work in real-time.

Data File Collaboration

Seamless Integration with Microsoft 365 Suite

From our experience, Microsoft Teams is far and away the most seamless and cost-effective tool for working with the Microsoft 365 suite and project management - period.

  • Real-time collaboration in Office Apps (Word, Excel, etc.)

  • Single sign-on for streamlined access between applications

  • Cloud storage and analytics with SharePoint and Power BI

Security & Compliance

Share What You Want, With Whom You Want

Teams is built with the same security and compliance standards found in other Microsoft products. Utilizing Teams to share files and analytics from your other Microsoft solutions means that you can easily manage access to your critical information through the same Azure Active Directory user profiles. 

  • Enterprise-level security and compliance

  • Enforced multi-factor authentication

  • End-to-end data encryption

Integrate Data

Need More Custom Integrations?

Microsoft Teams makes it relatively easy to integrate Microsoft products with other third-party applications. This allows us to identify third-party or build custom integrations to maximize your operational workflows.

  • Over 250 pre-built apps and services for rapid integration

  • Power Apps and Power Automate platforms provide low-code options

  • Microsoft Teams developer platform simplifies custom development

Save Time and Frustration with a Microsoft Partner

Getting the most out of Microsoft Teams requires working with someone who not only understands and has experience in the Teams ecosystem, but who also understands how teams communicate. Grind Analytics has both the technical expertise as well as the operational experience to optimize your Teams' experience. Grind has:

  • Deep technical understanding of Teams and available integrations

  • C-level executive leadership experience in sales, operations, and management

  • Practical experience deploying and maximizing Teams for clients

Custom Integrations
Working in Office

Frustrated with your Microsoft Teams experience?

We can help.

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