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Encompass Development

Faster implementation, greater integrations, with Grind

If you're in the loan industry, you're probably familiar with the Encompass Loan Origination Software platform, but do you really know what it's capable of?

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Leverage Our Mortgage Pedigree

Born inside a mortgage company, we know how to maximize your loan origination software.








Encompass Deployment

Grind Analytics can help you select the Encompass LOS implementation that is right for your business needs, and help identify integrations and customizations that can be ready to go when you first launch Encompass. Our team of experienced Encompass developers will guide your business in planning, implementing, and maximizing the potential of the Encompass platform.

Custom APIs

We build custom application programming interfaces (APIs) for the Encompass LOS platform. These APIs can be used to bring additional data to Encompass, or to connect Encompass to other platforms. We have the experience and know-how to quickly implement custom Encompass solutions to reduce costs and time, deliver new capabilities to your team and customers, and connect your data to provide greater insights.

Automated Workflows 

Work more efficiently with automated workflows that are tailored to your team and organizational structure. From initial client intake through underwriting and closing, save time and money throughout the entire loan process. Custom workflows allow you to process more loans more efficiently, and our experienced team can get them up and running to start helping your business quickly and affordably. 

Ready-Made Mortgage Solutions

Grind Analytics was born inside the mortgage industry, so we have a deep understanding of the obstacles faced by loan originators, as well as the solutions to overcome them. We have ready-made solutions for the mortgage industry that can be quickly integrated into your existing Encompass LOS systems and others to get you operating more efficiently.

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