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Does your "analytics" solution look like this?

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There's a better way...

Free Data and Technology Assessment

Take the first step toward your digital transformation.

Get a free data and technology assessment from Grind Analytics ($2500 value).

Start using your data to its fullest potential.


Manually combining data from multiple sources into reports that are days or weeks old may work for you now, but will this work for your future state?


We'll work with you to design a roadmap to help you reach your goals and develop concrete next steps to get you there.

No obligation, just an opportunity to receive an objective analysis on how to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

Our assessment will help you:

Better utilize your existing technology

Improve the people and processes around your technology

Understand the additional technology needed to scale

Identify key performance indicators with bottom-line impact

Create a roadmap for defining and measuring success

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Click here to download

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What's Included

Interview Key Stakeholders

  • Why is data important to your business?

  • How do you use data to make decisions?

  • What questions would you like your data to answer?

  • What challenges do you face regarding the use of data?

Interview Technology Team

  • What data and technology systems do you current use?

  • What's the biggest technology challenge holding you back?

  • Do you have the internal resources necessary to scale?

  • Are you processing data as efficiently as possible?

Document Your Current State

  • Receive a current state technology architecture diagram

  • Identify the key roadblocks to data utilization

  • Understand the threats and weaknesses of your current technology systems

Identify Your Future State

  • Receive a future state technology architecture diagram

  • Identify the top 5 opportunities for bottom-line business impact

  • Design a concrete roadmap and implementation strategy

  • Review process improvement recommendations

"We don't provide data solutions without a clear ROI"

About Grind Analytics

We have executive experience building and managing companies from early stage startups to Fortune 500 companies. We know what it takes to grow and lead a successful business.


We work to understand your business and provide technology and data solutions that impact your bottom line.


We’re not interested in engagements that don’t provide a clear ROI. Our goal is to work with you as a partner to identify real opportunities to improve your profitability and valuation.


Driving cultural change through data

Over 25 years combined business experience

Microsoft Silver Partner with Data Analytics Competency

Oceanside, CA-based development & support

Proprietary AI & Machine Learning engines

Custom software and platform development

Experienced data security & compliance experts

Are You Ready to Start Your Assessment?

Schedule a call with our team so we can can talk about taking the next step to scalability.

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