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Employee analytics for the remote workforce with Grind HR™

If you're struggling with the "new normal," you're not alone. Grind HR provides the tools and solutions you need to effectively monitor a remote workforce.

Remote Employee Solutions

Grind Analytics provides solutions for businesses to monitor their remote employee workforce and overall performance metrics. This new method empowers employees to achieve more, and supports performance goals at the individual and team levels. 

  • Connect your entire workforce in the cloud

  • Empower employees with real-time data

  • Monitor and track employee performance and efficiency


Transitioning to work-from-home

Share data and analytics across your entire organization in real-time on customizable dashboards. Just because your employees can't access other departments of your organization in person doesn't mean they still can't all share the same data. Avoid cumbersome email chains with data shared in real time. 

Monitoring Remote Performance

Monitoring employee performance is not only important for employers looking to ensure their teams stay on task, but employees themselves need to know how they are doing so they can make adjustments as needed.

Remote Employee Oversight

Providing oversight, or at least a mechanism to provide oversight in the remote environment, will increase productivity, but business intelligence is more than just increasing productivity. Grind develops custom solutions that go beyond oversight, and provides insights into the areas where they most effective adjustments can be made to boost the bottom line. 

Time Tracking - more than just a time clock

There are some basic metrics that are tried and true. Time tracking is one of them. There are countless methods for tracking the time employees are "clocked in," but the overall time an employee is on the clock is only part of the equation. In order to understand how employees are using their time, you need to know what they are doing with their time. 

Our solutions not only monitor when an employee starts and stops working, but everything in between. We can capture the time spent working in certain software programs, surfing particular webpages, participating in meetings, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Metadata Analysis - not all clients are created equal

Beyond what your employees are working on, who is important as well. Depending on your particular business or industry, certain clients or projects are simply more important, or more profitable, than others. Understanding not only how much time your employees are spending on certain types of tasks, there's valuable information and insights to take from their time is allocated amongst particular clients.

When implementing business intelligence solutions to monitor your remote workforce, the goal is to provide insights, not simply more data. Our team knows this, so we have created standardized data models that provide actionable insights to better manage your remote workforce. Through experience, as well as cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine-learning engines, our software cuts through the data so that it's not just playing cop, but playing manager. All by itself.

Reporting Engines - information for employees and employers alike

If all you're doing is monitoring the time spent "working" and "not-working," you're doing your business and your employees a disservice. Sure, knowing that management is watching what they're doing may give employees a deterrence from scanning social media or checking on their fantasy football team every few minutes, but it's not empowering them to take data-driven action with the insights of their time. 


Likewise, if you're only using employee data to have the "tough conversations" about working harder, you're not giving your employees the advantage of working smarter.

Grind Analytics understands business because we have been where you are, and we know what the benefits of creating a data-driven culture can have on an organization. That's why we have developed standard reporting engines which provide insights not only to executive and upper-level management, but also directly to employees. By giving employees direct access to easy-to-understand analytics - provided on real-time, custom, and interactive dashboards - you are empowering them to take action that is insightful and fueled by analytics. 

At the end of the day, it's not about monitoring how much time an employee spends working, it's about improving performance. Giving employees the ability to see how effectively they are spending their time then gives them the ability to take action on their own to improve their own efficiency. 

The result: better performance, happier employees, and a data-driven culture.


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